We know that you have a choice of diamond suppliers. That is why we strive to offer you the best possible shopping experience.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and we are sure that you will find us to be a reliable and dependable source for your diamond needs. The following outlines our code of conduct – a few of the many reasons that makes our diamonds BRIGHTER.


Our family joined the diamond trade in the early 70s, and revolutionized the way diamonds are cut. Since then, we never stop reinventing our diamonds. As our family’s younger generation is introduced to our trade, we are reminded that our business is not based only on the new and innovative but also on the old and traditional – the traditional values we were raised and molded by: Honesty, Fairness and Compassion.

As a respectful member of the international diamond industry, D-IL is fully committed to ethical business practices based on the World Federation of Diamond Bourses Code of Conduct (WFCOP)**, which outlines our traditional trade ethics.

Our diamonds are polished in Israel, where fair labor practices are enforced, and where D-IL manufacturers demonstrates their commitment to Fairtrade* principles by paying workers several times the average wage of a worker in India, Thailand, China or other popular diamond manufacturing centers.

The Israeli Diamond Industry is among the early supporters of the United Nations mandated "Kimberley Process" (KP) which guarantees that diamonds are conflict-free. Our conflict-free diamonds are guaranteed to originate exclusively from ethical and environmentally responsible sources.

Our longstanding history of charitable giving is guided by the belief that giving make our diamonds shine even beyond the eye can see. By civic engagements in the cities around the world where we operate. By supporting nonprofit organizations, we’re building strong relationships in our communities. Our goal is to support organizations that work to make our world a better place to live.


Our decades of experience help us in accomplishing our commitment to excellence. For each product you find in our collection, we've spent countless hours in making. You can be sure that we have not been lazy in giving the attention to every detail to produce diamonds that are the signature of our excellence. Furthermore, D-IL extensively investing in research, in-house development of technologies, techniques and formulas reducing wastage in diamond cutting while keeping our one-of-a-kind diamonds outstandingly sparkling.

But we are not in this research on our own; every year we invest countless hours in observing the markets trends, reviewing your feedback, comments and suggestions. We analyze and study our sales, and use those inputs to improve our inventory, and make your shopping experience with us even more fruitful and enjoyable.


Word of mouth is our best advertising. This is why spanning four decades of service, our family has built a client-focused culture of excellence and accountability – becoming one of the world’s leading Israeli diamond distributors.

Achieving quality service requires quality staff. At D-IL, we equip and empower our employees with the tools to meet our customers' expectations. All team members, from our office personnel, production workers and sales staff, understand the nuances of what we do and how to best fill our customers’ needs. We focus on providing consistent quality, expedite service, and competitive prices. Our experienced diamond experts are committed to give you a fair and honest description of our diamonds specifications, making your purchase a simple and satisfying experience.

When we say that we are committed to giving a client-focused world-class service, we mean it. Through our specially designed SELECT™ Program, we will ship your order to you within two business days free of charge! Our SELECT™ Program also offers extensive discounts when you bulk buy our items, and a best price guarantee via our bundle program, giving our high-volume clients the peace-of-mind knowing that they get the best possible prices on earth!

Our commitment to outstanding service does not rest, even if you're making a return. Our return policy is simple, fair and easy; Love our diamonds or we will take then back no questions asked. We are committed to being there for you, to work with you, and make it a fun experience.

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