Hi, we’re Diamond IL

We empower a new generation of consumers to buy beautiful, ethical diamonds. We leverage our relationships with some of the top Israeli manufacturers & cutters to curate a wide selection of the highest quality diamonds at the fairest prices. It is time to make buying a diamond an easy, exciting, and stress-free experience again!

Gavriel Eglanov

Hello, I’m Gavriel, Co-Founder & CEO of Diamond IL. I’m a certified diamonds expert. After managing diamond sales offices in the far east and the united states for one of the big five diamond manufacturers, in 2013, I started my US diamond imports company, founded on the principles of fair pricing & fair trade. Utilizing my understanding the different markets landscape, my company represent some of the finest Israeli large diamond manufacturers. Recently, as matching side-stones became popular, I often obtained goods from my colleague Hanan, or sometimes I just referred my costumer to Hanan for his advice on the right pair to compliment my centers – they sure did compliment. It quickly grew from there and became obvious that Hanan`s different industry perspectives and my knowledge made us the perfect team to disrupt the diamond industry with over 50 years of combined experience and hundreds of happy customers. Diamond IL was made.

Hanan Totayev

Hi! I’m Hanan, Founder & COO of Diamond IL. I am Israeli native, so you can say that I am the IL of Diamond IL. I inhaled diamond dust at my father’s diamond fancies factory since I was a child, so I developed to a walking encyclopedia of fancies. As I manged my family's business around the world, I leveraged my expertise and strange Israeli since of humor to get familiar with some of the most interesting fellows in the industry, consulting and supplying Tiffany`s, Graff, Harry Winston and some other picky designers. In recent years, when supplies of fine goods became limited, my customers began to ask for my recommendations for center diamond suppliers. I will often recommend them to my colleague and friend – Gabriel. In return Gavriel was often sending me clients for side stones, and for a while that was happy arrangement. Quickly, we became overwhelmed with requests for different shapes of diamonds. Our trade changed and was striving for suppliers that can provide a full array of goods. Gabriel, and I teamed up and started Diamond IL – a home for all shape and size diamonds, directly sourced from top Israeli manufacturers.